How much does it cost to visit Barcelona and Madrid, Spain

Trip overview: A trip to sightsee, eat, drink and explore. Using the opportunity to visit two iconic cities in one trip.

Date of travel: August 2017

Cost of flights & Travel:

Flight Leeds Bradford Airport to Barcelona (Jet 2) £54.90

Train from Barcelona to Madrid €66.75 £59.28

Flight Madrid to Manchester  Airport(Ryanair) £85.59

Cost of accommodation:

Barcelona: 2 nights, Hotel Parallel, £194.64 (£97.32 based on two sharing)

Madrid: 2 nights, Hotel Zenit Abeba £96.38 (£48.19 based on two sharing)

Currency in Spain: Euro. conversion rate at the time post was published: £1 = €1.11

Day 1

We arrive in Barcelona and checked into our hotel. We had a brief explore of the city on foot and after a freshen up, we headed out for an evening meal of traditional tapas and visited a few local bars.

  1. Taxi from Barcelona airport to hotel €33 (split between two €16.50)
  2. Tapas meal for two with wine, at El Rincon Del Artista,7 Tapas dishes; Cod Fritters, manchego cheese, Selection of cured hams, Mushrooms, Croquettes, Meatballs and Pedron Peppers and two bottles of white wine €55.30 (split bill €27.65)
  3. 2 glasses of wine at €2 each €4
  4. Further large glass of wine €4
  5. Bottle of water €1
Barcelona (4)
Tapas at El Rincon Del Artista, Barcelona, Spain
Barcelona (2).jpg
Evening drinks in Barcelona

Day 2:

We explored the main sights of Barcelona, starting with the Picasso museum. We then headed onto Las Ramblas and headed to the Barcelona Market, after we explored the local architecture and took in sights such as the Casa Mila and Casa Batllo, before heading to view the iconic Sagrada Familia. We took in a few other sights such as the Arc De Triomf and the Barcelona Cathedral before stopping for tapas. After we headed back to the hotel and changed for the evening before heading to some local bars and snacking on pintchos/Pintxos.

  1. Diet coke €1.20
  2. Entry to the Picasso museum €11
  3. Sandwich from local café €4.45
  4. Glass of sangria €5.10
  5. Portion of prosciutto ham and manchego cheese in the market €3
  6. Smoothie from market €2
  7. Bottle of Fanta lemon €1.20
  8. Tapas and Paella meal for two €64 (€32 share)
  9. Selection of pintxos/pinchos and two glasses of wine €15.20


Barcelona (5)
Picasso Museum Barcelona
Barcelona Architecture
Barcelona Architecture
Sangria Barcelona
Sangria Barcelona
Barcelona Market
Barcelona Market
Barcelona Market
Barcelona Market
Paella in Barcelona
Paella in Barcelona

Day 3:

We woke up early and took a local bus to Park Guell, as the tickets for the day had sold out, you can enter for free before the official opening times, so we beat the crowds and got there before 8am. This meant not only was entry free but we managed to get some nicer photos before the crowds formed. After the park we walked back into Barcelona and had a bite to eat on Las Ramblas and had a second wonder through the market. We relaxed and had a beer in the sun before taking our pre-booked train to Madrid. We took a taxi to our hotel in Madrid. We had pre-booked tickets for a flamenco show, for the evening (pre-booked on the train into Madrid via phones) and headed back out. We had a pre-show meal, a few drinks before the show, then took a taxi back to the hotel once the show was finished.

  1. Local bus to Park Guell one way €2.15
  2. Park Guell, entry was free before official opening times.
  3. Ham and cheese sandwich €4
  4. Large diet coke on Las Ramblas €9.50
  5. Portion of ham and cheese from market €3
  6. Beer just of Las Ramblas €5.95
  7. Taxi to train station €16 (€8 share)
  8. Tickets to a flamenco show for the evening €39
  9. Pre show meal €34 (share €17)
  10. Wine with meal €3 per glass (€6)
  11. Two glasses of wine during the show €5 each (€10)
  12. Taxi to hotel €9 (€4.50 share)


Day 4

Day 4 was the chance to fully explore Madrid. We started the day by heading to the Reina Sofia Museum, which is an art gallery which has works from Picasso, Juan Gris and Salavador Dali. Entry here is free if your under 18 or a student under 25. We then headed to the famous Plaza Mayor, and stopped for a glass of wine. After we headed around the corner to the Chocolateria San Gines, famous for churros and chocolate dipping sauce. We carried on exploring Madrid on foot before reaching the Royal Place of Madrid. After we stopped at the San Miguel Market for a snack before heading down to see the Iconic Metropolis building. After seeing many Pictures of the “fish shaped” ice-creams on Instagram we took a detour to La Pecera. As this was the height of summer the queue for the ice-cream shop was huge! After tucking into our ice-creams we took a final walk to visit the botanic gardens before heading back to the hotel. We had an evening meal near to the hotel before turning in for the night.

  1. Bottle of water €0.80
  2. Breakfast toastie with soft drink €7.50
  3. Entry to the museum (Museo Nacional Centro De Arte Reina Sofia) €10
  4. Bottle of Diet coke €1
  5. Glass of wine in the Plaza Mayor Square €3.40
  6. 6 churros to share at Chocolateria San Gines €4 (€2 share)
  7. Madrid San Miguel food market, mozzarella bruschetta €3.50
  8. Fanta lemon €1.50
  9. Ice tea €1.75
  10. Glass of wine near the Metropolis building €3 per glass (€6 for two)
  11. Ice cream at La Pecera €4.50
  12. Two course evening meal (croquette and large steak) €25.50
  13. Sparking water €2.27
Madrid (10)
Museo Nacional Centro De Arte Reina Sofia
Madrid (3)
Plaza Mayor
Madrid (4)
Plaza Mayor, Madrid
Madrid (5)
Chocolateria San Gines
Madrid (6)
Churros at Chocolateria San Gines
Madrid (9)
San Miguel Market
La Pecera Madrid
Madrid (2)
Botanical Gardens Madrid

Day 5

Day 5, we headed back to the airport and travelled home.

  1. Taxi to airport €36 (€16.50 shared)


Total costs

Flights and train ticket: £199.75

Accommodation: £145.51

Day 1: €53.15 £47.86

Day 2: €75.15 £67.68

Day 3 €109.10 £98.26

Day 4 €69.72 £62.79

Day 5 €16.50 £14.86

Total: £636.71

Price of trip, based on the total cost for one person, based on two sharing.


Top tips for visiting Barcelona:

  1. Barcelona is known for its famous architecture, the city is easy to get around on foot, and the views are free. It cost nothing to explore and take in the sights. Avoid sightseeing busses in this city.
  2. When going to Spain, of course you will want to try traditional food and drink. However a lesser known way to eat is at Pinchos bars and restaurants. Pinchos is a selection of small tapas and canopies all on cocktail sticks, usually displayed along the bar, you pick up a plate then at the end you pay based on the number of cocktail sticks. Generally the prices start at €1 an item.
  3. To Visit Park Guell, its best to purchase your ticket in advance, especially during busy summer periods. However don’t worry if you find the attractions sold out, you can visit for free before the park officially opens. Its also a perfect way to watch a sun rise and skip the queues.
  4. The train station at Barcelona has security checks similar to what you would expect to find at an airport, ensure you allow enough time to catch your train with this in mind.


Top tips for visiting Madrid:

  1. Madrid has some world famous museums, generally all museums offer a day or a time when entry is free.
  2. If your pre-booking tickets for a Flamenco show online, check for cashback, typically websites such as Expedia offer cashback on attractions.

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