How much does it cost to visit the Cinque Terre, from Genoa Italy?

Trip overview: A short break exploring the city of Genoa, Italy. Using the opportunity to check out the close by world heritage villages of the Cinque Terre.

Currency: The euro, exchange rate at time of post: £1 = €1.11

Time of visit: April 2018

Cost of flights: Easy Jet Return £70.96pp

Thursday 13:40 Manchester – Genoa 17:05

Sunday 18:05 Genoa – Manchester 17:25

Cost of accommodation: Midnight in Genova, B&B, 3 nights £255.51 (£127.80pp based on two sharing)

Midnight in Genoa, was a superb find in Genoa, I had found there seemed to be a limited amount of good quality accommodation in Genoa, but upon arrival, with little expectations, I was pleasantly surprised. The B&B hosts two rooms, with luxury private bathrooms and a communal kitchen and dining area. Breakfast is included and there is a selection of breads, cakes, yoghurts, tea and coffee out for you to enjoy, you can also juice your own fresh oranges. The hosts were excellent could not be more accommodating. From offering advice on where to eat to even driving us to a local beach they recommended.

Spends Day 1: Arrived in Genoa, checked into the B&B, headed out for an evening meal  and stayed for drinks.

  1. Taxi from airport to accommodation €25.00 (£12.50 split between two)
  2. Evening meal out at restaurant Basilico Caffè (two main courses, two bottles of wine, 4 limoncellos) €87.00 €43.50 (splitting the bill). Would not recommend this restaurant as there is a lot better a lot cheaper in Genoa, but it was close by to the accommodation, which was perfect for the first night.
Cafe Basillico Genova
Cafe Basillico Genova

Day 2: Explored genoa on foot, taking in attractions such as the Piazza De Ferrari, Palazzo Ducale Genoa, Genoa Cathedral, Villa Durazzo Pallavinchi, Christopher Columbus House, the port front. Stopped for food and drinks and had a relaxed day exploring. We had an evening meal at the highly recommended, restaurant Cavour 21. To get a spot at this restaurant you need to start queuing before the doors open.

  1. Breakfast was included at the B&B, then to start the morning I also picked up a fresh slice of focaccia €3 and a diet coke €2.50
  2. Lunch was a salad from a local café and a glass of prosecco. Salad €4.50, Prosecco €3
  3. After exploring some more we stopped for a drink on the harbor front for an Apperol Spritz €7
  4. The evening meal was at the highly recommended Cavour 21, (My meal was a main of pesto pasta €6.50, my friends was a ravioli €5.50, desserts I choose a panna cotta €2.50 and my friends was a tiramisu €3, we also shared a jug of prosecco, which was enormous for €7. Total cost of my evening meal €12.50
  5. We then headed to a local square and found a bakery / wine bar and stopped for a wine and a pastry. Small wine €6, local pastry €1.20
Piazza De Ferrari, Genoa
Piazza De Ferrari, Genoa
Foccacia in Genoa
Foccacia Genoa
Genoa Cathedral, Cathedral of Saint Lawrence
Genoa Cathedral, Cathedral of Saint Lawrence
Genoa Cathedral, Cathedral of Saint Lawrence
Genoa Cathedral, Cathedral of Saint Lawrence
The city of Genoa, Italy
The city of Genoa, Italy
aperol spritz Italy
aperol spritz
Port of Genoa
Port of Genoa
Cavour 21, Genoa
Cavour 21, Genoa
Pesto at Cavour 21 Genoa
Cavour 21 Genoa

Day 3: Exploring the local villages of the Cinque Terre, stopping at all villages along the route: Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza, Monterosso al mare.

  1. After a small breakfast in the B&B we walked to the train station.
  2. We collected the tickets, one way to the start of the Cinque Terre route €9.50
  3. Stopped for a snack by the train station, of a slice of foccia pizza €2.66 and a diet coke €2
  4. Upon arriving at the start of the route, we bought a Cinque Terre pass, which allows unlimited travel for the day along all the villages and includes guide maps €16.50
  5. We stopped for a bit to eat in the village of Manarola, Lunch of a procuttio and mozaralla sandwich and a glass of prosecco €10
  6. Further down in the village of Corniglia we sopped for a drink and a snack, White spritz cocktail (prosecco and limonchello) €6 bruchetta €2
  7. Evening meal in Monterosso al mare; I tried the traditional pasta dish of Pansoti with walnut sauce €9 (a small bottle of wine enough for a glass each €9 /€4.50pp)
  8. We then headed back to Manorollo for a cocktail overlooking the harbor €7
  9. Train back to Genoa €8
  10. As it was now late we got a local taxi back to the B&B €8 (€4 split between 2)
CT (2)
Monterosso al Mare
CT (4)
Corniglia Cinque Terre
CT (3)
CT (5)
Evening meal in the Cinque Terre
Manarola, Cinque Terre
Manarola, Cinque Terre

Day 4:

  1. We checked out of the B&B after breakfast and the owners recommended we check out a local harbor/ beach area in the local village of Portofino, the owners were amazing and actually drove us to the area and explained what bus ticket we needed to get back. Exploring the port area was free.
  2. Bus back to collect luggage €1.50
  3. Meal in the main town before heading to the airport (Main meal, side bottle of water €7), Glass of wine €2
  4. Bus from outside the station to the airport, Vola Bus, €6


Total cost

Flights: £70.96

Accommodation: £127.80

Day 1: €56 £50.44

Day 2: €39.70 £35.76

Day 3: €81.16 £73.10

Day 4: €16.50 £14.86

Total: £372.92

Genoa is a beautiful city and a perfect base if your wanting to visit the Cinque Terre, if your looking for other travel options, the Cinque Terre is also easily reachable from other major Italian cities such as Pisa and Florence.

Genoa is also the birth place of pesto so make sure to try a traditional pesto dish such as Trofie al Pesto,  as we all the highly recommended Pansotti Con Salsa Alle Noci, which is a pasta in a walnut sauce, local to the area.

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