How much does a trip to Lake Ohrid, Macedonia cost?

Aim of trip: Explore somewhere new for a girls mini break.

Date trip was taken: May 2018

Currency: The currency in Macedonia is the Macedonia Denar, it can only be purchased in Macedonia but all major fees such as paying hotels on arrival and taxis can be paid in euros. You will need to use a local cash machine to withdraw the local currency on arrival. Cash machines are plenty full around the town and village. Check with your local bank for any charges and conditions before using your card abroad.

£1 = 68.4 Denar at the time of this post.

Cost of flights: £78 (return with Wizz Air)

Sunday 14:50 Luton – Lake Ohrid 19:10

Wednesday Lake Ohrid 19:35 – Luton 21:55

Cost of accommodation: €100, for an apartment to sleep 4, for 3 nights, payable on arrival (€25/ £22.51 per person). We stayed at the Villa Ohrid, booked via

Day 1:

Arrived at Lake Ohrid, took a taxi to the apartment. We settled and unpacked then headed out for an evening meal.

  1. Taxi from the airport to the apartment €15. (€3.75 each = £3.38)

Please be aware when leaving the very small airport, taxi drivers crowded the airport entrance and it did come across very intimating, although all drivers are friendly, we did get a little lost in translation (despite all drivers speaking English) and assume the driver was trying to charge us €50 to our hotel.  After some confusion and haggling we realized the driver was actually quoting us €15.

  1. Evening meal at a local restaurant called gladiator around the corner from the apartment, overlooking the ancient Amphitheatre, for all 4 of us, which included, 4 starters, 4 main course, 4 desserts, water, 2 jugs of wine and 4 end of meal shots of a local liquor cost 3,215.00 denar, equivalent to £47 (£11.75 each)


Day 2:

Wondered into town and had breakfast at a local bakery, walked around town and visited a paper museum, with demonstrations how traditional paper was made and a local metal work shop, which sold hand crafted jewelry. Visited the ancient amphitheatre. Has lunch and visited St Sofia cathedral. Walked up to the Monastery of St Johns and Kaneo. Headed up to Samuels fortress, stopped for a drink then onto the monastery of St Pantilimon. Headed down to the lake front for the evening meal at restaurant cun.

  1. Breakfast at bake & cake, a savory cheese roll, rhubarb baklava and a diet coke 75d
  2. Bottle of water 25d
  3. Lunch at a local restaurant, a traditional cheese and vegetable pie, 280d, two glasses of white wine, 160d, total meal 600d
  4. Entry to a local church 100d
  5. Entry to the fort 60d
  6. Small beer 120d
  7. Entry to the monastery 100d
  8. Evening meal by the lake at Restaurant Cun, mix of 3 starters to share, 4 mains of 3 trout (local dish highly recommended) and 1 chicken steak, 4 glasses of wine and 2 jugs of water for the table, total bill 3,800m (950d per person, based on total cost of 4 people)



Day 3:

We had booked a tour of Albania via the company Viatour. The tour guide picked us up from the apartment at 9am. The tour then included; A visit to the bay of the bones, the monastery of St Naum, a boat trip at the spings at St Naum. We then crossed the boarder onto Albania (you need your passport for the trip), we had a tour around a local town then drove out into the Albanian country side for a lunch, which was include (and very delicious, or grilled chicken and salads). We then crossed back over the boarder and headed into Struga, the tour then finished and dropped us back at our apartment.

After some time to relax, we headed out for an evening meal at a restaurant overlooking the lake.

  1. Selection of 8 pastry’s, 2 large bottles of water and apple juice and orange juice, bought from a local bakery and small super market, eaten at the apartment, for breakfast, total 320d (80d each)
  2. A private day trip for the 4 of us booked by viatour to visit Albania. £41.82 (per person).
  3. Evening meal at a restaurant called Dalga, (1 starter of pitta bread and a red-pepper dip, 4 main courses, 4 soft drinks and water for the table, 1100d) 275d
  4. Desserts at a second restaurant called St Sofia, pancakes for dessert 140d, bottle of wine between 2 600d (300d)



Day 4:

We took an early morning walk to St Johns at Kaneo for a second time, followed by a walk along the boardwalk and visit to the lake. We stopped of for lunch, then did a little more walking around the old town to the church of mother of god, Perivleptos. A final stop of at the amphitheater to relax in the afternoon sun, then and early tea at the gladiator restaurant (Same restaurant we visited on the first night), before heading back to the airport.

  1. Peach iced tea 35d
  2. Lunch at the restaurant we visited for desserts, restaurant St sofia, I had the traditional bean dished called Tavche Gravche 180d, a glass of wine 150d, plus water for the table 100d, (total share of meal 355d)
  3. Dinner before heading back to the airport at gladiator restaurant we visited on the first night, chicken steak in sauce 300d, Glass of wine 150d
  4. Taxi back to the airport, €12, (€3 each)


Total costs for 3 nights at Lake Ohrid:

Flights: £78

Accommodation: £22.51

Day 1: £15.13

Day 2: 2,030d = £29.68

Day 3 (Viator trip to Albania £41.82 + 795d = £11.62) £53.22

Day 4 (840d = £12.28 + €3 = £2.70) £14.95

Total:  £213.49


Top tips for visiting Lake Ohrid:

  1. Be prepared to walk. The small village where we stayed located on the lake (a very short walk to the amphitheater) had amazing views. However this came at the price of having to walk back up a steep hill every day. Ensure you pack good sensible shoes.
  2. Whilst we was lucky to have a sunny weekend, we did experience a very quick downpour of rain. Ensure you take a rain coat or a water proof coat you can grab from your bag. (although hopefully this will not be needed)
  3. The food is amazing and super cheap. The area is known for its traditional bean dish called Tavce Gravce (pictured above) which is delicious and also Vegan friendly.


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