The 15 best spots for pizza in Nice that you must try on your next trip

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Written By Candela Garcia

Finding delicious pizza in Nice is not a hard task. With Italy as its neighbor, the French have perfected the art of pizzas, infusing it with their own unique twist.

If you find yourself in Nice and are desperately craving a great pizza, we’ve got you covered! From Neapolitan pizzas to gourmet slices, in this guide, we’ll recommend our top spots to indulge in the perfect pizza in Nice.

Let’s start with a quick overview of the best restaurants:

The 15 best pizzas in Nice

01. Pizza Cresci

There is no other place that deserves to be the #1 best pizza in Nice more than Pizza Cresci. 

Founded in 1956, this pizza place has been the star of the French Riviera for many years. While its original location is in Cannes, the Nice spot has quickly became a favorite among tourist and locals. 

The prices start at €10.70 for a Marinara pizza but there are more than 10 flavors to choose from and the average cost is €14 per pizza. My favorite one is the mussels pizza (€15.20), a must try before leaving the town!

What makes Pizza Cresci the best pizza place in town is that it combines incredible flavors with a lovely ambience, as the restaurant is located on a nice street near the Promenade des Anglais and has a beautiful outdoor space to sit at night and enjoy people watching while you try the most incredible dishes.

02. Les Amoreaux

If you want to experience the true Napolitanian pizza look no further, Les Amoreaux is the place you want to go. 

The place is run by Ivan, an Italian crazy in love with Napoli and its pizza that will make sure that you eat the freshest ingredients that you can find in Nice and have the best night of your life. 

Les Amoreaux is small and fills out quickly as everybody on Nice is madly in love with its pizza, so I recommend you arrive at 18:50, just 10 minutes before its opening time. 

If queueing is not for you, the restaurant is located just steps away from Nice’s port so you can always order it to go and have a waterfront picnic.

Something worth considering is that the restaurant usually closes in August for the holidays, so make sure to check out the Facebook page they keep updated before going.

03. La voglia

La Voglia is not only one of the best restaurants to eat Pizza in Nice but also one of the best restaurants for all kinds of Italian dishes. 

The restaurant is located on a lively street two blocks away from Nice’s Opera and has a lovely outside seating area and a terrace perfect for those special summer nights in the French Riviera. 

Pizzas range between €13 – €15 and my personal favorite is the “pizza pistachio et mortadella” with pistachio cream, mortadella ham, and a lot of mozzarella cheese. 

If you want to venture into other Italian specialties, make sure to also try out the maccheroni pasta with truffle (€23,50) and the Ligurian style grilled squids (€26,50).

Something that I love about La Voglia is that while it has a more upscale ambiance and more expensive prices than other restaurants on this list, they offer portions that are huge (think American size) so you can share all the dishes. 

04. Gigi Tavola

Gigi Tavola,  best restaurant in Nice

What I hate most about dining at scenic locations is that, most of the time, the food is disappointing. Fortunately, Gigi Tavola is an exception as it combines delicious pizzas with the best views of the Port de Nice.

What is even better about this restaurant is that all of their pizzas have a gluten free option! In fact, I discovered this place thanks to a celiac friend who recommend it. 

While there are several options to choose from, the star of the menu is definitely the tartufo pizza with cream, canton cheese and slices of truffle. 

05. Sapori di Sicilia

Sapori di Sicilia, or Flavors of Sicily in English, is an Italian restaurant specialized in food from the region of Sicily and Napoletanian pizza. 

Although the restaurant is located a little far away from the main tourist spots, it is a great option if you want to explore a different neighbour in Nice and hang out with locals. 

Since Sapori di Sicilia is also on Uber Eats you can always order a pizza and enjoy it at your hotel after a long day exploring the best towns of the French Riviera.

06. La Chamade

La Chamade is a truly Italian spot in the heart of Nice. Not only the restaurant is run by Gennaro, a friendly Italian who mastered the art of Napoletanian pizzas, but also most of the regulars are also Italians. 

With more than 40 pizzas to choose from, this little hidden gem located near the famous Negresco Hotel truly resembles the Italian feeling of being at home. 

Famous for its incredible tomato sauce, La Chamade is a great option if you are traveling on a budget as you have pizzas starting at only €9. My personal recommendation is to try out the chamade pizza with bresaola jam and parmesan cheese (€16)

If you are coming with a group, something really cool about this restaurant is that it also offers 50 cm and 75 cm pizzas.

07. Sentimi

What I love about Sentimi is their location, the restaurant is located right on Place Garibaldi, a large square located on the northern edge of the Vieux-Nice district. 

Sentimi is perfect if you are looking to enjoy a delicious pizza without compromising the ambience of the restaurant, as the salon has a great modern decoration and the outside tables overlook the Garibaldi square. 

Pizzas range around €16 which is the usual in Nice but portions here are smaller. Thankfully, the beautiful views make and the fresh ingredients used on their pizzas make it worth it.

08. Prima Volta 

Located just a few steps from Sentimi, Prima Volta is a new pizza restaurant that have just opened in August 2023.

Thanks to the quality of its food and the lovely staff, Prima Volta has quickly became a new favorite spot among locals and tourists so we sure to try it out before it gets overcrowded,

09. Mamma Mia

Mamma Mia Pizza in Nice Flower Market
Mamma Mia is right next to Nice’s Flower Market

Mamma Mia is one of my favorite spots to have lunch in Nice, specially on a sunny day as the restaurant is located right next to the famous Flower Market of Nice in Cours Saleya street.

The spot has amazing views of the market and you can always taste the best of the French delights at the shops and sit down at the restaurant for the main meal. 

The pizza lives up to its fantastic location and it is truly delicious! Most of the options cost only €14.50 and, according to my boyfriend, you can’t miss the pizza Mamma Mia with ricotta cheese and eggplants.

10. Don Vincenzo

Don Vicenzo Pizza Nice

Don Vincezo is another great spot if you are craving Napolitanean pizza while in Nice. 

The restaurant has only 4-5 tables so its actually more like a take out place but if you come early or prepared to wait it is possible to secure one.

There are more than 30 options to choose from and the most recommended ones are the bufala pizza and the regina.

12. Babbo Mio

Babbo Mio restaurant Nice France

Babbo Mio is a trendy restaurant owned by Serge Cannatella Group, who also owns Mamma Mia. 

While Mamma Mia is located at the heart of the Old Town and invites you to enjoy its outside tables, Babbo Mio is just a couple blocks from the port of Nice and its best enjoyed inside, thanks to the work of the interior designer Aude Gros Rosanvallon.

The menue is full of Ligurian style crunchy pizzas but you can also find a wide selection of pastas, octopus and other seafood dishes.

13. Piperno

Piperno is a boutique restaurant chain with 5 different locations distributed around France, but this doesn’t make their pizza less unique. 

The restaurant located in Nice is, like Mamma Mia, just a few blocks away from Nice Market in one of the most beautiful streets around the Old Town.

What I like about Piperno is not only that their pizza is Napolitanean style, but also that they import their ingredients from Italy so you are 100% eating a true Italian pizza.

Pizzas cost an average of €16 and the absolute must try is the “back to truffle” with truffle cream, ricotta cheese and ham cooked with herbs.

14. That’s Amore

If you like to step out of the tourist center while travelling and eat as locals do, That’s Amore is the perfect place for you. 

The restaurant is located in the Gambetta neighborhood and is famous for its wood fired Napolitanean pizzas. 

There are more than 20 pizzas to choose from and the prices are incredible, specially considering this is one of the best pizzas in town. The classic Margherita pizza starts at €9 and the rest of the pizzas cost an average of €12.

Don’t forget to ask for dessert, if you have sweet tooth the tiramisu here is to die for!

Basilic & Co is a French pizza chain with several spots around the country. 

While its menu can’t compete with the other restaurants on this list, we decided to include it because it is a great option to eat pizza on a budget and the quality of the food is more than you can expect.

Individual pizzas start at €7.50 while regular pizzas start at €11. There is also a special menu of an individual pizza with a side of fresh salad for €11.50 that is worth trying if you are eating alone. 

My favorite location of Basilic & Co in Nice is the one located at the Port of Nice, but the one located near Jean Medecine shopping street is also worth visiting.

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